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Please see our What to Pack Page for tips. Or, contact us for recommendations what to take and how to pack.


IMPORTANT - Your Gear Budget and Quality: the 'Long View' about saving money and gear quality:


      relatively few dollars more for quality core gear (boots, breathable upper              layers) is worth protecting your overall Camino investment. Why gamble on quality for this one opportunity (for most).


Local Gear Shops:

     We refer you to your favorite 'web search' instrument to find the many suitable gear and equipment shops in the Pismo Beach-Santa Barbara-Ventura-Oxnard region.


Packing TIps:  Notable Youtube internet video clips.  Camino veterans give easy to understand tips.

                   Small but essential items (Lindsay, 2012).

                       Packing List and Gear Review (Lindsay's Review, 2012)

                       Packing Light, (Traveleska's Review,


                             Post-Camino Gear Review, (manager on the hill, 2012





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